equip - neurotrance

4:44 2022 fact

“On the surface, Neurotrance is a psychic carpet-bomb, showing different layers of reality all connected by an adrenal overdrive that doesn’t conform, and doesn’t relent.”

‘Hyper’. Hyperreal, hyperactive, hypervisual.

The connecting tissue is the exploration itself.
It is what we make it from. Layers of (our) reality.

// team @eq.wip// director @wirelesspal// producer @ta__mes// art director @zeyblade_// vfx director @enesguc// score @cuxrixous// starring @london_calling_shades_of_rock @tarpey_david @bradleyscott_16_18 abigail_hamilton millie// dop @ruaraid_achellios// editor @wirelesspal// sound & mix @teen.wg// titles @master_ch// ad @jack_loc96// set designer @fin_sully// styling & costume @detroit_law @col.loco// hair & make-up @rlisachau// colorist @gabe_jl_sanchez @roundhouse_post// vfx artists @enesguc @endlessprowl @wirelesspal// 1ac @not.ernesttu// 2ac @_jrsp// gaffer @itsjohnnyho @jerzy_gudionsson// spark @llucmestre magdalena_maria// vfx supervisors @surhaynart fuat_degirmenci// additional 3d modelling ezgi_sir// rotoscoping & compositing @akshay.exr// studio manager @corcinna.luce.graphy @lucernestudio// production assistants piers_culpan @srai1// additional footage @totalgoering @wirelesspal

// Special Thanks: Tom Jenkins (Squarepusher), Andy James (Beatink), Quan, Matthew Chan (fmlik), Jaden, Liav Ben Tolila

// London, Berlin, Tokyo, LA +